Artist Story

About me

Nature is the thread that streams through my work.  Growing up in East Texas the forests and rose fields surrounded me. I loved going out to the lakehouse on the weekends and in the summer. Long walks around the property looking for the perfect flower and spotting deer. I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. I went off to Texas Tech University and went the practical route. I studied merchandising and marketing. I used my degree to run a successful pet sitting business in two cities. I even came in the Top 5 of 8,000 sitters. I loved this career as I was able to stay home with my growing boys.

The boys grew up and went to University and my husband, Larry and I moved. I sold my business and decided to make a change. The bonus room once filled with teenagers watching movies and eating popcorn was now my art studio. I am self-taught and motivated. I love to research and tried several mediums until I found it! Acrylic Impasto Style was my home! It took 5 years of trial and error and I developed the consistency that became my trademark style. Soon the neighbors were asking me to teach their children lessons afterschool and the women wanted paint parties. I was making my shift. I started selling at markets and entering juried shows. I was honored when I was chosen.

Its not just paint

Today I paint almost every day. It is my passion. I have IIH and chronic migraine and painting has helped to free me. When I paint the pain leaves me. I get focused on the colors and the push of the paint and I am in another world. God has blessed me to have found something that I love and that others appreciate. I am on the Board of the Palette of Roses Art League in Tyler, Texas. I enter a few shows a year and participate in select markets. Most of my work is commission. Since I started painting seriously in 2013, I have received several awards including the Rose Queens Choice, Several Place ribbons, 2 nd in Peoples Choice in two juried shows and Best Abstract Online Vision Award.

My collectors say that my art makes them happy! Art is supposed to make you feel and what a feeling happiness is! My last name is Joy so I think I am destined to spread positivity.